Monster Hunter Stories Coming to 3DS in 2016

Forget trade shows like E3, Capcom just went ahead and announced an upcoming Monster Hunter spin-off completely out of the blue. Monster Hunter Stories promises to be a RPG set in the wonderfully wacky world of Monster Hunter, although what kind of RPG that actually means remains to be seen. Take a look!

It’s a pretty fresh take on the MonHun formula from what it looks like. For starters, you ride around on a tiny Rathalos, which is all kinds of good and seems to indicate monster taming might be a gameplay feature. The trailer also implies there may be a sprawling overworld to explore rather than segmented areas akin to the mainline series, so that’s something to get excited about too.

What’s really special here is that Monster Hunter Stories looks like the hipper, long lost cousin to Gaist Crusher. Or E.X. Troopers. Or — dare I even say it? — MegaMan Legends 3… Regardless, it’s cool to see Capcom still experimenting with an anime aesthetic considering all of those after-mentioned 3DS projects crashed and burned horribly in some way, shape, or form.

Currently only announced for Japan, Monster Hunter Stories will arrive on 3DS platforms in 2016 with more details to come in the following months.

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