Monster Hunter Producer Shows Off New 3DS

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Are you on the fence about the New 3DS? Allow Ryozo Tsujimoto, the producer of the Monster Hunter series, persuade you with his pirate-clown-guy associate and swanky 3DS faceplates. Confused? Watch:

If this video exhibits anything–anything at all–it’s that Capcom drives a hard bargain when it comes to advertising a brand new piece of Nintendo hardware. The Big N’s reveal didn’t do much for me initially, but now I have to buy a New 3DS, and I’m guessing the same is true for everyone else in the world too. We do live in a society where Monster Hunter reigns supreme as the most popular mega-ultra-super franchise out there, right?

Wait, you’re telling me that only Japan likes MonHun? Welp, I’m going to ignore that comment completely and continue assuming that everyone adores hunting monsters because they do. Everyone.

So congratulations! Thanks to this video, you’re now cognizant of your unrelenting desire to purchase a Poogie faceplate. And don’t worry, that’s a good thing–it means you’re a human being. It means you have a heart. It also probably means you’ve been tickled pink by the prospect of a Circle Pad Pro-less Monster Hunter experience, but hey, Poogie, integrated Circle Pads, are they really that different?

The New 3DS hits Japan October 11th (Whaaat? Already?!) while the rest of us must suffer with our swineless, vanilla 3DSs until 2015, which sort of stings, Nintendo.

(Via Nintendo Life)


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