Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets Taiko, Sonic Crossover Content

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Taiko Crossover

In a not too surprising move, Capcom recently announced a collaboration between the Taiko Drum Master series and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which has happened several times in the past. In a much more surprising move, this announcement also includes the North American and European releases of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

The content includes the hunting horn pictured above that not only lets players attack enemies with Don-chan’s adorable face, but also features musical notes resembling the sentient drum as well as a similarly cute guild card.

Monster Hunter 4 Taiko Crossover

While Don-chan has made a few recent cameos in games released overseas, as one of Pac-Man’s taunts in the upcoming Smash Bros. and as a playable character in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, the last actual Taiko Drum Master game released outside of Japan came out in 2004 unless you count the Donkey Konga series, which were essentially spinoffs. While I’d like to think that these appearances may be hinting toward an overseas release of the newer Taiko games, I’m not holding my breath or anything–especially after the song choices of the previously mentioned PS2 game…

Monster Hunter 4 Sonic Crossover

Oh, right. This article is about Monster Hunter. Anyway, the Monster Hunter collaboration also includes a pretty odd-looking Sonic the Hedgehog outfit for your helper Felynes, also known as “Palico” (thanks, Capcom localization team) as well as a sword based on that one time Sonic had a sword.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released sometime in early 2015 and has a spiffy collector’s edition as seen here.

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