Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Announced

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector's Edition

Earlier today, Capcom Unity revealed the collector’s edition of the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which means there’s now even more things to patiently wait for when the game finally releases sometime early 2015.

Along with the game, the collector’s edition comes with a number of neat items, including an exclusive figure of Gore Magala, one of the new monsters in MH4. While the 3.5 inch figure is slightly smaller than its size in-game, Mini-Magala has the benefit of being able to be placed nearly anywhere. You could hide it around corners and shock a friend who doesn’t understand the concept of perspective, or simply keep it on your desk and adorn it with a little hat.

Also included is a Gore Magala-themed Felyne pin, which is part of Capcom’s adorableand elusiveFelyne pin set. Along with these, the collector’s edition contains a Monster Hunter lanyard, and a cleaning cloth featuring currently unknown art from the upcoming game. All of this is stuffed into a blue package resembling the game’s supply boxes, though this box probably isn’t the best place to store your hot or cold drinks.

While limited in supply, the collector’s edition is priced at a reasonable $59.99 and can currently be purchased at GameStop, though it will be available from other retailers at some point. It’s also worth noting that this bundle is only available in North America. It’s possible something similar may be announced for Europe, though if it is European fans may want to act quickly…

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