Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Brings a New Controller to the Table

With Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the way next year, the hype is slowly rising. To boost this hype early, the developers at Hori have unveiled a new Extended Slide Pad controller.

This controller is an attachment that comes in two models, one for the 3DS, the other for the 3DS XL.  This controller changes the controller layout for the 3DS, moving the circle pad to the left shoulder, meanwhile the L button has been moved under the grip.

The circle pad’s function is to move the game’s camera, and this new controller will take away the need to use the circle pad for moving and rather as a tool to change the camera’s position.

Along with this nifty device, Hori had also unveiled a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate accessory kit, which features a strap, cleaning cloth, and decal, all featuring the game’s logo. The controllers will sell for 2980 yen a pop. The kits will go for 2180 for the 3DS version and 2280 for the 3DS XL version.

I personally think both products are pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind getting them if they were released internationally. But let us know in the comments below what you think of the controllers and the kit!

Source: Hori Via: My Nintendo News

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