Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Breaks 1 Million Sales in the West

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Pre-Order DLC

Over the last decade, the Monster Hunter franchise has exploded in popularity in Japan, while gradually building steam in the western markets. It seems that years of trying on Capcom’s part have finally paid off, as the latest game in the series has broken a sales milestone. Capcom has announced that Monster Huter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS is the first game in the franchise to break 1 million sales in the west (including North America, Europe, and Australia). Overall, the franchise has sold 32 million units across all entries around the world.

Chalk this impressive performance to the game’s ties to the New 3DS hardware launch this February combined with 4 Ultimate being the most accessible entry to date. The game has also been supported with a steady release of free DLC, including costumes of Link and Sonic among others.

To celebrate the sales milestone, Capcom will be issuing a free theme for the 3DS in May. In the meantime, Capcom has announced the spin-off Monster Hunter Stories for Japan, which is sure to sell millions more for the series.

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