Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review (Wii U)

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an Action RPG for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.  You farm, hunt, and craft, but mostly craft.  MH3U is more or less an upgraded version of Monster Hunter Tri which was originally on the Nintendo Wii.  Even though the base game is the same, this version includes many new monsters, and even introduces an entirely new weapon type; Slime.  The main draw of this gaCMM_WiiU_MonsterHunter3Ultimate_Monster_38_mediaplayer_largeme is the monsters.  If you’ve ever played another RPG you probably know what it feels like to walk through dungeons fighting the smaller minions just to finally reach the big end boss and kill him.  That’s not this game, in MH3U you are put right into the action.  You pick your quest from the job board and are transported to one of the various zones that are in the game.  The areas vary from a volcano, to the tundra, to a beautiful forest.  You start in a camp zone and can pick up a map and some supplies, then you set out to find the big monster you have to fight.  Every fight in this game is almost entirely unique, even when fighting the same monster multiple times.  None of the monsters have set patterns and will react differently.  The first time you fight one of the many dragons he may prefer to stay on the ground more, and the next time he might fly more often.

This brings to the large variety of monsters in the game.  There are all sorts of large and interesting monsters in this game.  Some of which include dragons, giant angler fish, electric leviathans and a monster called the Rust Duramboros which rivals the size of the Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus.  Types or elements matter in this game, you always want to be aware of what you are fighting and bring your best armor and weapons for the situation.  Every monster also has breakable parts and weak points which comes into play when you are looking for a specific piece to craft a new piece of armor or weapon with.  Some monsters can have their tails cut off and others can have their head piece broken.  One of the most satisfying feelings in this game that makes it great is breaking a monster piece or cutting its chest and making the monster fall over, giving you even more time to beat on it.

    GreatswordThe topic of breaking different monster parts brings me to the next point of what makes this game so great.  The weapons! There are 12 different kinds of weapons in this game, including dual blades, lances, bows, hammers, and great swords.  Every weapon has its own unique fighting style and combos.  If you want to do something like cut a monsters tail off, you would want something a long sword or a great sword, if you need to break a monsters horns or even knock it out then you would use a hammer.  Cutting and impact are the two main types of damage other than elemental, you can’t cut a tail with impact, and you can’t break a horn with cutting.  Having 4 hunters together online with everyone using their own weapon of choice makes for great combinations and fun times.

There are no character levels at all in this game, if you can access the quest or a friend can access the quest you are allowed to go on it regardless of your equipment.  Which brings me to the point of how online works in this game.  You can start online at any point that you want before, during, or after the single player story.  Online has its own set of quests that you can even do solo if you really want to, which will present much more of a challenge than anything in the main story and is still possible as long as you’re skilled.  Every person online has a Hunter Rank which signifies your general progress.  Hunter Rank 1-2 is what is considered “Low Rank”, 3-5 is “High Rank”, and 6-999 is considered “G Rank” which are the hardest quests available in the game. Each rank has its own set of quests with key quests you must complete excluding ranks 8-999.  After you’ve completed the key quests you get an urgent quest that must be done to move onto the next rank.  After you’ve passed through ranks 1-7, the way you rank up changes.  Every time you do any quest you get hunter points which go towards a total, much like an EXP bar.  These levels in no way change who you can play with or what equipment you can use, they only allow you to access more quests.  Because armor and weapons are based on monsters there are some things you can only craft by unlocking certain hunter ranks, but if your friends are higher rank you can do those quests and get the items just like them.  This is a great way to do online multi-player and Switchaxereally removes the barrier for new players.

Now that I’ve discussed mostly everything I love about the game, it’s time to discuss some problems or dislikes people have with the game.  The main problem a lot of people have with the game is the grind.  Essentially the whole game is a grind, you kill monsters and get their pieces to make new gear that you use to kill more monsters and get new gear. Rinse and repeat.  I don’t feel like this is a problem for me personally just because every fight is so interesting.  Another problem that is frequently mentioned by people is the combat.  The combat in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is very precise, you can’t mash buttons.  It takes time to learn every monster and their patterns, but once you do you can become a master and even kill monsters without taking a single hit.  The graphics are also a problem for some people, this game is essentially an up-scaled version of the 3DS version in terms of resolution so it isn’t the cleanest looking.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate includes both a single player campaign and online multiplayer (Only available on the Wii U version) Each has extensive content, even though the 3DS version only has local multiplayer.  The game can easily provide you with 200+ hours of content and for $60 is an outrageous deal.  To summarize, this game has great combat, lots of content, and is just satisfying to play.  I give Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate a 9/10.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review (Wii U)
Cool Things
  • Great gameplay
  • Lots of weapons and armor sets
Not Cool Things
  • Can get grindy
  • Story isn't the best
9Overall Score
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