Miyamoto: Expect More Spin-Off Games Next Year

Shigeru Miyamoto

Hyrule Warriors, the recent Zelda collaboration between Nintendo, Tecmo Koei and Omega Force, was a recent surprise sales success for Wii U. However, the fact remains that Hyrule Warriors was also the first Nintendo-published game of note in months, since May in fact. Nintendo takes their time with games, amplified in the dearth of third party releases. As Shigeru Miyamoto explained in Nintendo’s recent Investors Q&A, the company has sped up their Wii U development process, and part of that means more third party collaborations, a’la Hyrule Warriors.

“On development time, we have already completed the step of learning new development techniques. So, we should experience less developmental delays stemming from learning new hardware. From now on, it becomes a matter of if we can use our experience efficiently and one part of our plan to do so is to use ‘spin off games’, which allow us to use our major title franchises, but create on a smaller scale and we are working hard on making these sort of derived products. In this way, we are preparing to expand on our characters while also increasing the number of software we output and allowing our customers to have their next experiences in certain franchises without waiting three years.”

“We are also working more and more with many different 3rd party companies to produce our titles [note: this seems to refer to outsourcing things like asset creation, cut-scenes, etc] and from this year we have begun to work with some software developers for the very first time. We are in the process of creating a system where we are actively seeking outside assistance to help us create an abundance of major titles. I feel that next year’s Wii U titles are plentiful. We will continue working hard.”

So far, the only other third party collaboration we know is in development is Shin Megami X Fire Emblem for Wii U, which has no clear release date yet. As for asset creation outsourcing, Nintendo has already experimented with this recently, as games like Retro Studios’ Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and EAD Tokyo’s Super Mario 3D World had assistance from Monster Games and Monolith Soft, respectively. It’s likely that the assistance Mr. Miyamoto is referring to entails the help of close Japanese third party partners not only producing full games, but also asset creation for first party efforts.

What other Nintendo collaborations with third parties would you like to see in the future?

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