Two Minecraft-like Titles Headed to the Wii U

Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

Minecraft has really been the talk of the town this generation despite the industry reaching the absolute pinnacle of CPU and GPU processing power.  What does this say about a generation when a game like Minecraft can outshine all it’s competitors using archaic technology from gaming antiquity?  Some may ignore the question altogether, and that’s exactly what Nexis Games has decided to do with the creation of U-Craft, another open-world block-based gamed.  They’re hoping to release it before the year is up, but not if Stone Shire has anything to say about!  Yep, that’s right, another Minecraft clone is on the way!  Take a look at how Stone Shire is shaping up below.

Are low development costs for such a genre of gaming responsible for this kind of spin-off mayhem?  There were numerous clones of such kinds of 2d-platformers back in the day, but spin-off business models definitely began to evaporate as the generations progressed onward.  What does this say about modern gaming’s future?

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