Minecraft Becomes Best-Selling Game on Japanese Wii U eShop

In less than a month of availability, Minecraft’s Wii U edition has become the best-selling game on the Wii U eShop. Estimates from Famitsu’s Top 30 for December peg the port’s sales at 77,233 units sold since December 17th. Compared to figures on rival platforms that got a Minecraft port much earlier, Minecraft’s Wii U performance is highly impressive.

For comparison, Minecraft has moved impressively comparable numbers on Wii U to PlayStation’s 3, 4, and Vita in Japan. In 34 days, the PS3 version has sold 94,412 units, while in 26 days the Vita edition sold 79,576, and the PS4 version moved 49,479 in 32 days. (Given the Xbox 360’s lack of popularity in Japan, no figures were available).

Other games in the Wii U’s Top 5 digital sales in Japan include Splatoon (2015), Dragon Quest X (2012), Super Mario Maker (2015), and Pokémon Rumble U (2013). With such a quick rise to popularity with Japanese Wii U owners, it is clear that the power of the Minecraft brand knows no borders and is a fine fit for the Wii U’s audience.

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