Miiverse Finally Headed towards the Nintendo 3DS Next Month



With your Nintendo Network ID, you will be able to connect with players around the world to share your experiences and game tips through Miiverse on Nintendo 3DS. -Nintendo Treehouse


Nintendo has heard the cries of its fans worldwide and has decided to bring Miiverse to the Nintendo 3DS! You’ll be able to share tips and gameplay experiences all from the comfort of your couch. Nintendo wants to make sure this benefits all players: Ones with just a 3DS, and ones with a Wii U and 3DS so make sure you register your Nintendo Network ID before you do anything else! Also note that Miiverse will be arriving along with the system update so look out!

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  • Post your current; and future Miiverse NNID’S here! You can add me as jelani435!

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