[UPDATE] Mighty Gunvolt Bolts to 3DS eShop

So you know those two Inti-Creates titles that are a lot like Mega Man? The Kickstarter darling Mighty No. 9 and 3DS exclusive Azure Striker Gunvolt? Yeah well, apparently the two games are getting a 3DS crossover aptly dubbed Mighty Gunvolt even though both are totally new IPs. Odd, but I’m certainly not complaining either.

Mighty Gunvolt is an action/platformer with a cute 8-bit style that’s very reminiscent of the early Mega Man titles, which isn’t too surprising since the Blue Bomber’s daddy Keiji Inafune is assisting with the development of all three games. Capcom may not love Mega Man anymore, but Inti-Creates has pretty much got us all covered with HD Not Mega Man, Not Mega Man Zero, and newly-announced classic Not Mega Man.

Then there’s the matter of Ekoko, the third playable character in Mighty Gunvolt. She’s from Inti-Creates’ bizarre Xbox 360/PS3 bishōjo rail shooter Gal*Gun, which unsurprisingly never made it stateside. I guess the more the merrier?

Mighty Gunvolt will be available as a free download for those who purchase vanilla Gunvolt in Japan, but it’s not yet known if this deal will be extended to westerners as well. [UPDATE] Tiny Cartridge confirms that this promotion is a thing in the US too. Azure Striker Gunvolt releases on August 29th in the US and sometime later for Europe.

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