Mighty No. 9 Backers Get Mighty Gunvolt!

Mighty No. 9 Comcept Interview

You may have heard about Kickstarters that do not fulfill their promises, but so far Mighty No. 9 is hitting all the right notes. Not only did $80+ backers get access to the recent beta, but Inti Creates announced that Mighty Gunvolt codes are going to be given out to every single backer. How awesome is that bonus?

I look forward to this mighty adventure

I look forward to this mighty adventure

Mighty Gunvolt is a loose demake of the Azure Striker Gunvolt, which is also developed by Inti Creates. In this 8-bit sidescroller you either play as Beck, a heroine from the Japan-only Gal☆Gun, and the titular hero of Azure Striker Gunvolt. If you aren’t a backer, you can still pick up this game for free by purchasing Azure Striker Gunvolt before November 28th.

If you are a backer, you may have to wait a while before receiving Mighty Gunvolt since there are 67,226 backers to distribute codes to. I find this interesting considering that probably only half the backers actually have a 3DS, however, without official data there’s really no way of determining this.

Considering this comes from the makers of Mega Man 9 and 10, this should be good

Considering this comes from the makers of Mega Man 9 and 10, this should be good

“This game is reminiscent of the 80s, not just in looks, but also with simple controls that create a surprising amount of complexity and fun.

“Accompanying Gunvolt in this adventure are the angel Ekoro from Gal☆Gun and Beck from Mighty Number 9. Each character possesses different skills that will force the player to finish each stage in different and creative ways.” Nintendo

Just to note, Comcept has clarified that the 3DS codes are only for the US eShop.

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