Rumor: Mew in Pokémon X and Y

mew pk x and y

mew pk x and y

Look familiar? A Twitter user that goes by the name of Smea has uploaded a photo of the mysterious Pokémon, Mew on Twitter! Do you think it’s a hoax? Have you found him? Think it’s a hoax? Let us know in the comments! You can also check out Smea’s tweet right here! Thanks to My Nintendo News for this info! You rock guys! Make sure to stay tuned for more info!

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  • Jim

    Woah cool! How do you find him?

  • Max_Jumpa

    Same here I want to know :(

  • Max_Jumpa

    Maybe it’s a hack :D I’m gonna go check out his profile and see

  • Of course Mew is in the game. All 721 Pokemon are. You can’t OBTAIN Mew ingame, though. Smea is a well-known hacker who is known for having managed to hack Pokemon X/Y and get all kinds of Pokemon to appear. He also managed to get the three myth Pokemon (719 to 721) to appear and leak them that way.

  • jelani435

    Wait I’m confused XD If you can’t OBTAIN Mew in game, why is he even there?

  • Google for “Pokemon Bank” and “PokeMover” for the answer.