Always Nintendo presents: MetroidMania – A charity livestream marathon!

Hiya! Joey here, with some exiting news!

Always Nintendo is hosting it’s first charity live stream event for Child’s Play! But this is not just a marathon of me playing through one or two Metroid games…But the entire series (Well almost, more on that below)!

I’ll play Samus Aran’s Metroid legacy in chronological order, as follows…

1) Metroid (NES)

2) Metroid Prime (Wii, Trillogy)

3) Metroid Prime 2 : Echoes (GCN)

4) Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption (Wii, Trillogy)

5) Metroid II : Return of Samus (GB via GameBoy Player)

6) Super Metroid (SNES)

7) Metroid : Other M (Wii)

8) Metroid Fusion (GBA via GameBoy Player)

Now Joey, you may be asking, you’re missing a few games there!

Well you’re right!  Let me explain my list above.

For various reasons I will not be streaming Metroid Prime: Hunters, Metroid Prime Pinball, or Metroid : Zero Mission. Yes, I am aware that Zero Mission has a canon epilogue with Zero Suit Samus. But in spirit of the NES classic and seeing as I have  NES Metroid and I DON’T have Zero Mission, I wont be playing it. Sorry.  :(

As for Hunters, I do  actually have it.  And I love it! I just don’t have it in a stream-able format. And no, before any of you ask, I will not emulate it for streaming. It’s easier for me just not to include it at all.

Why have I chosen to play the Trilogy re-release of Metroid Prime on Wii instead of Game Cube? No particular reason. But if enough people request I play the GameCube version I’ll make the switch.

There’s some more secret stuff we have planned that I can’t reveal now. But It’ll be great I promise!

We’ll be streaming live on Twitch starting March 14th an 12:00 pm EST.

Keep an on our Twitter feed for updates for this event. If you have any questions, comments or any other input, feel free to hit me up on Twitter as well. We hope to see you there!


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