Metroid-esque Platformer From Varia Games 100% Funded + Huge Updates Coming Soon


It’s fair to say that there has been plenty of hype over Varia Game’s Kickstarter Project, ReVeN. Over the years, the urge for a new Metroid game has grown too strong and that is clear because the project was funded in just 12 days!

The developers contacted us, and they’re very thankful for everything that the gaming community, media, and press have been doing for them. Here’s a little message from the developers:

Hello everyone, First off, I would like to thank everyone who has supported us on KickStarter, shared our links with friends, and those of you who have written articles of our game, ReVeN. Words cannot express how thankful we are for all of the support. This is an update for you all, letting you know that because of all the great support, ReVeN is now FUNDED on KickStarter! In just 12 days! Wow! We are ecstatic to be in this position and cannot wait to bring our fans further updates as the game continues in development! The biggest fear that most of our fans have is that the game is just too similar to Metroid. To resolve this issue, we will be releasing a new gameplay video very soon that will introduce you to the EDM system and other very unique systems/story-line that massively differentiates our game from the Metroid series. We would absolutely love for you to share our progress with your communities. Now that the game is funded, we have huge updates that will be revealed very soon! 

The developers also gave us some contact information for a follow up interview, so you can look forward to seeing that soon as well! Have any questions you want asked in the interview? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Kickstarter Project

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