Master Reebot 50% Off Halloween Sale Now in North America and Europe

Master Reboot Halloween Sale

Wales Interactive has revealed that their hit Wii U eShop release, Master Reebot will be on sale for 50% off starting today and ending on November 11th.

Here’s an excerpt from our very own review of Master Reboot:

“The game’s plot involves you being stuck within a server which houses people’s memories or minds called the Soul Cloud. The Soul Cloud is meant for you to visit others, relive memories and allows you to interact with others even after they die. Something goes wrong though and as you play through the game you’ll find out parts and pieces of the plot hidden throughout each area. Each area tries to mix things up a little bit so you never feel bored of doing the exact same things over again in addition to having a variety of different tasks to complete aside from the main quest. The game is also scattered with puzzles that will push your problem solving skills to its limits.”

Remember, this game goes on sale at a 50% reduction, so you’ll be able to pick it up for approximately £4.99/ €4.99/$6.99. With over 8 hours of gameplay, more than 30 explorable environments and a plethora of jump scares, this title is perfect addition to any horror fan’s library.

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