Master Reboot Review (Wii U eShop)

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Master Reboot is a first person horror puzzle game available on the Wii U eShop for $14.99. The game features a dozen or so different areas, some being colorful or some being dark and hazy. The areas you visit within the Soul Cloud are diverse and relatable ranging from beaches, streets, or parks. Some objects look chunky and are not completely rounded out when seen up close though each area has enough objects that make you feel that you know where you’re supposed to be and add to the overall detail of the world around you which is great.  The sound and music is very well done which adds to the games dark atmosphere. The music is generally more eerie as to set the tone of the game. The sound is also very detailed with many noises and sounds that help immerse you into the game. You can hear splashes when you go through water, breathing when you run too much, or even birds chirping in the distance within a forest.

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The game’s plot involves you being stuck within a server which houses people’s memories or minds called the Soul Cloud. The Soul Cloud is meant for you to visit others, relive memories and allows you to interact with others even after they die. Something goes wrong though and as you play through the game you’ll find out parts and pieces of the plot hidden throughout each area. Each area tries to mix things up a little bit so you never feel bored of doing the exact same things over again in addition to having a variety of different tasks to complete aside from the main quest. The game is also scattered with puzzles that will push your problem solving skills to its limits.

Most of the game relies on you figuring things out but some parts just require you to complete things quickly or collect items. This can get very tedious at times and make someone want to give up at certain parts but the game isn’t impossible and can be overcome with trial and error. The controls work well and throughout the game you’ll find items to use at certain points to help you progress. For example in one point you may find an ax to cut down logs blocking your path or find a BB gun to shoot targets.


Overall I think Master Reboot is a game for those that like the really like the horror or puzzle genre but I couldn’t recommend it to anyone hoping for a fast paced action game. The atmosphere is inviting and it has a plot that makes you look deeply into it and think to figure things out. Master Reboot is one of those games that most people would call an “experience” and I’d call it modest. I give Master Reboot an 8.5/10.

Master Reboot Review (Wii U eShop)
Master Reboot is an enjoyable game that certain people will love and others won't like as much.
  • Unique hidden plot
  • Deep atmosphere
  • Nice variety of parts
  • Can be tedious at parts
  • Objects look blocky
  • A little too short
8.5Overall Score
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