Master Quest DLC for Hyrule Warriors Detailed

Cia Hyrule Warriors DLC

New details for the Master Quest DLC in Hyrule Warriors have been announced in Japan. This upcoming DLC adds more character costumes and game modes for players to enjoy.

Now players will be able to play as the villain Cia, one of the game’s main antagonists in an episodic adventure. In addition, the aforementioned Cia and and playable character Lana will receive special Guardians of Time costumes.

The final pieces of content that will be included in the Master Quest DLC pack are a new Adventure Mode map and a Master Quest option which allows players to give up hearts on missions in exchange for better items.

This won’t be the only DLC pack arriving, however. Four more DLC packs are set to arrive in the coming months, all of which are detailed here.

A price has yet to be revealed for this upcoming DLC pack, but we’ll keep you updated with new details as they arrive. Let us know what you think of this DLC pack in the comments below.

Source: Game City Via: Nintendo Enthusiast

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