Marvelous Cancels Keji Inafune’s KAIO: King of Pirates

After leaving Capcom in 2011, Mega Man co-creator Keji Inafune announced he was producing a new 3DS game, entitled KAIO: King of Pirates. Produced at his studio Comcept, it was destined to be a multi-media project encompassing games, anime, and the like. However, publisher Marvelous has suddenly announced the game’s cancellation, due to rapid changes in the marketplace.

The cancellation will cost 461 million yen (or $3.8 million USD) to Marvelous. In the meantime, Comcept has been tinkering away on Mighty No. 9, set to release on a host of platforms later this year.

It is possible that Marvelous no longer saw the profitability in a 3DS game in 2015, not when the mobile market is so much more lucrative by comparison. However, you’d have a hard time telling that to Level-5, whose Yo-Kai Watch franchise is planted on the 3DS and selling incredibly well, and has a third entry on the way.

If you don’t remember this long-dormant project, here’s the original reveal trailer, all the way from 2011. Are you disappointed that KAIO will never sail the seas?


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