Mario Strikers Charged (Wii) – Review

Okay, now let’s not only kick it up a notch, but charge things up! With Mario Strikers Charged on the Nintendo Wii. Strikers Charged is a sequel to its predecessor, Super Mario Strikers, which launched on the Nintendo Gamecube, and hit shelves on July 30, 2007 in North America. Is the sequel king of the hill compared to its predecessor? Let’s find out.


If you have read my review of Super Mario Strikers, you would be fond of the fact that it is a five-a-side Mario based soccer game with characters and themes from of course, the Mario franchise. Once again, Strikers Charged offers no storyline what so ever in this entry. Instead, we’re back to the tournament oriented style with new cup battles and tons of new stages with some having their own unique gimmick. Mario Strikers Charged offers everything that its predecessor held, but multiply it by infinite and you get this game, with characters rocking high-tech armor suits and much more content that make up for the limitations in its predecessor. All characters return from the previous game, besides the unlockable character which I still won’t spoil, but with a few new cast such as Bowser. Not only do more captains appear for this new and exciting event, but more sidekicks including all four of the cast from the previous entry.


No longer are the sidekicks or Captains similar to each other, since Mario Strikers Charged introduces new RPG elements such as stats and skill types. Power types for instance, emphasis more on power of course, and are recommended if wanting a greater probability of scoring, but lack speed and agility. Captains and sidekicks have their own signature abilities that can be used at their leisure, such as a mid-air hammer attack to crush gaining opponents as you head to the goal, or a teleportation maneuver that sends you a few feet ahead to avoid opponents, or even bypass the goalie. Charging up the ball with a sidekick not only allows a more powerful shot, but now features a new gimmick called the “skill-shot” which can vary to paralyzing or bypassing the goalie completely for an easy goal. Some can say it’s a cheap maneuver, but it takes more time to set up then it does to do a regular charge shot in the previous game, and it requires you to be very open to do so.

Captains are still wielding their signature “Super Strike” move, which is now called the “Mega Strike”, and there’s a good reasons why. For instance, you can now shoot up to a chance of three-to-six goals in one Mega Strike, instead of only obtaining a chance of only 2 points like in the previous game. Even if the maneuver is pulled off correctly, it’s not certain that every shot will go in, since you and the randomly generated computer can now take control of the goalie and aim toward each upcoming shot with the Wii motion controls to block them. A great addition to this entry is that you can now set individual sidekicks on your team, instead of just having one set of a single character, which makes sense because of the addition of skill variation.

Mario Strikers Charged innovates a new tutorial mode that can get you in shape for what the game has to offer, a mission mode that strains from easy to the hardest difficulty, and the addition of Online compatibility if you are in need of some more challenge. Online works surprisingly well if you can find an opponent with good connectivity between you two, and luckily you’re able to justify that before you both even begin a match. That should save you from having to suffer from slowdown and the famous and dreadful input lag.


Mario Strikers Charged offers a phenomenal soundtrack that its predecessor tremendously lacked. Characters including sidekicks now have their own theme music that fits their persona, like bowser’s rock music representing his adrenaline and evil representation, or peach’s pop music. Every track fits them quite well and I love the addition of it. Sadly it does sometimes strain to the repetitive side of things, since every time you score a goal with that character, it will play that same track over and over again. Most stages have their own music tracks as well, and in my opinion fit adequately. It’s nice to hear something other than the audience cheering in the background, and that awfully annoying host in the previous game.


If there’s one thing Nintendo can do, it’s designing a great looking game, and that’s the case for Mario Strikers Charged. From the sparks coming from the metallic ball to the highly improved visuals of stage design, Mario Strikers Charged is looking more spectacular than ever thanks to the power of the Wii. Characters are far more detailed and have more personality to them; like Waluigi whamming his opponent in the face with the ball during his goal celebration, or Mario raging in disappointment because his opponent scored yet another goal, thus at the verge of losing the match. It’s a great visual of hilarity and adds detail to this oh so great addition to the series.


Mario Strikers Charged is a fantastic entry to the success of its predecessor. It adds tons of content and replay value, and improved everything it brought back from its predecessor. The effort put into the variety of genres for the soundtrack is a incredible improvement, even if It can be on the repetitive side of things. If your a fan of soccer or Mario, you should definitely check this addition out. Just make sure you’re all charged up.

Rating: 8.9

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