Mario and Peach Freestyle in Dancing With the Stars Finale

In case you missed it (and I’m almost positive you did), some really cool stuff happened on the season finale of Dancing With The Stars tonight. That guy who played Carlton (his name is Alfonso Ribeiro, btw) did a cool tap dance, one of the other dances danced with his shirt open (that one was for the ladies)… OH! And that girl from Duck Dynasty dressed up as Princess Peach and did a Super Mario themed freestyle dance. Wait, what?

You can check out the dance after the jump. Trust me on this, you want to. It’s pretty freaking great.

Nintendo of America even took notice of it, retweeting the video of the dance from the official Dancing With the Stars Twitter account:

If nothing else, this is really awesome simply because it shows how much love for Nintendo there is out there. There are Nintendo fans in every type of person. Isn’t that freaking amazing?

Oh and before I go, I have to admit something. I didn’t find out about this from Twitter… I watched it live because I am a fan of the show… Everyone has to have their guilty pleasures, right?

Source: Nintendo of America Twitter

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