Mario Kart 8 Will Be Released In May 2014

For those of you waiting, Mario Kart 8 has received a release date! (well, sort of)  On the investors relations site, Nintendo posted a bunch of new information which I’ll be covering later today, but this is by far one of the most exciting announcements. Mario Kart 8 will be released sometime in May! Here’s what was announced on the site:

We will announce the specific release dates of each software title and the release of new titles in other opportunities such as Nintendo Direct, but today we would like to announce that a key title for Wii U this year, “Mario Kart 8,” is scheduled to be released globally in May (though it says on page 6 of the supplemental information that it will be released in spring 2014). To create huge momentum, we would like to ensure that the release of titles such as “Mario Kart 8” is not a one-off event.

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