Mario Kart 8 In Real Life – Your Dreams Are Now A Reality

Mario Kart in Real Life

Penzoil and Nintendo have partnered up to give SXSW attendees a real life Mario Kart experience at the Palmer Events Center! At this event, there will be four karts on the track at the same time and racers will speed around the track multiple times to see who can get the fastest time! A cool feature that was added was the ability to get items and power-ups simply by driving over icons on the road! Although there are power-ups from the actual Mario Kart franchise, Pennzoil decided to join the fun by adding a few of their own power-ups! These change the way the kart’s work, and can affect you for the better, or for the worse. Some of these effects include speeding up the kart, slowing it down, changes in traction, and even more.

When you leave the track, you’ll be provided with a video showing you all the fun times that you had on the track, and with something as fun as this, who wouldn’t want it? To get the word out about anti-gravity gameplay mechanics featured in the game, Pennzoil will even add some of the anti-gravity features in to the video that you receive (upside down driving, floating, etc.). I guess you could say that Pennzoil is pretty excited for this partnership with Nintendo to get going.

Mario Karting Reimagined will take place at the Palmer Events Center between 3/7 and 3/9. Find your way by hopping onto a free SXSW® Shuttle.

Why not check out some other coverage on the official site?

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