Mario Kart 8 – Mario Kart Circuit Gameplay Footage

Mario Kart 8 Mario Circuit

YouTuber Vin64 has uploaded some gameplay footage of the course Mario Kart Circuit in Mario Kart 8. Take a look at the video below:

There is plenty of hype about this because this track has appeared in nearly every installment in the Mario Kart Franchise. Mario Circuit 1 is the first course of the Mushroom Cup in Super Mario Kart. The only hazard in this level are the pipes that appear near the second turn of the course. After the player passes the pipes, they will find the only set of item boxes in the course. There is also a shortcut a racer can take by driving through the dirt right after passing the item boxes. The player will need either a Mushroom or a Star to successfully implement the shortcut without slowing down. Taking the shortcut without an item does not take more time than following the course though.

Will you be playing this course? How often? We’d love to know! You can let us know by leaving a comment below.

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