Mario Kart 8 Badge Set Added to Club Nintendo Europe

Mario Kart 8 Badge Set Club Nintendo

Nintendo of Europe has added a Mario Kart 8 Badge Set to their vast lineup of rewards for dedicated fans. If you’re willing to say goodbye to 4000 of your beloved stars, you’ll receive this fancy set featuring three items from the action-packed racer.

Mario Kart 8 Badge Set Club Nintendo


The badges included in the set are the Pirhanna Plant, the Air Horn and the Boomerang Flower, all of which are items new to the Mario Kart series. Oh yeah, they come in a pretty slick 13.7cm x 7cm x 3.4cm box too.

There’s no word yet on whether those in North America will receive access to this reward yet, but rewards are rarely shared between different regions. Who knows, maybe those who aren’t lucky enough to live in Europe will get a 100% cooler Pokémon gym badge set (keeping my fingers crossed!).

Will you be picking this fancy schmancy set up? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Club Nintendo page: Mario Kart 8 Badge Set

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