Looks like the West Coast Port Strikes are to Blame for Nintendo Stock Issues

Supply and demand has been an ongoing issue for Nintendo of America lately. Ever since the GameCube Adapter launch last November and continuing with later hardware and amiibo, the North American market is having a real struggle getting their hands on anything that’s not software. Some have wondered if Nintendo was unable to afford manufacturing more product to cut costs, or to purposefully create artificial demand. But that’s only half the story.

Turns out that a port strike along the American west coast has been ongoing for a few months now, affecting 70% of Asian goods shipping into the country. Dock workers are on strike along all 29 west coast ports, their union looking for changes in the binding arbitration of contract disputes. If the talks continue to stall, this port strike could cost the American economy $2 billion a day.

Satoru Iwata also affirmed in the recent investor’s Q&A that the strike indeed has been the cause of Nintendo’s stock issues in North America. This has only affected hardware and amiibo (heavy cargo), and that games can be flown in as they are lighter cargo by comparison.


This workers strike may also be part of the reason why the small New Nintendo 3DS hasn’t been launched in North America: the supply would be choked. Nintendo fans in North America already have a hard time finding the New 3DS XL, so another model at this time would make things even more crushing for retailers and consumers.

So now we know why there’s been a supply and demand issue in North America. While the rest of Nintendo’s market is living fat on new hardware and plentiful amiibo, the port strike couldn’t have come at a worst time for North American fans, going so far to explain why pre-orders are getting canceled when the company won’t say anything otherwise. Let us know what you think of this revelation in the comments.

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