Little Mac Amiibo may be Discontinued in North America

North American Nintendo fans are no strangers to amiibo danger. That is, the danger of certain characters being discontinued without warning. The causation of this phenomenon can be chalked up to low sales expectations, difficulty in manufacturing, and poor communication with retailers and consumers. We all know of the rare trio of amiibo (Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager) that have been discontinued since November, and now a new member may have joined their ranks.

The Little Mac amiibo, introduced with Wave 2, seems to have been discontinued. According to a report from, GameStop has removed the figure from its site altogether, and when pressed on for information, they told GeekParty,

We deeply apologise however Little Mac Amiibo was delisted / discontinued. Since we will no longer be receiving any stock of this item due to manufacturer shortages/cancellation we would be unable to fulfill your request

For the time being, Little Mac seems to have been relegated to online order purgatory at Amazon and Entertainment Earth. It appears that the venerable boxer has been cleaned from store shelves and GameStop, as Nintendo had low sales expectations for a figure that’s not.even.a.month.old.

It’s unclear if other brick and motar stores have also removed Little Mac from inventory and online listings, so take this news with a grain of salt. For now, let this be a constant reminder to pre-order Wave 3 figures, due on February 1st, while you can.

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