Little Devil Inside has reached Wii U stretch goal on Kickstarter

Little Devil Inside

The Kickstarter game Little Devil Inside has officially reached its first stretch goal of bringing the game to the Wii U. This is what the team behind it had to say about the game on their official Kickstarter page:

Little Devil Inside is a truly engaging 3D action adventure RPG game where you are thrown into a surreal but somewhat familiar setting with humans, creatures and monsters to interact with, learn and hunt – journey, survive and discover the world that exists beyond.

They also gave us information on the overall atmosphere of the game and things they might encounter during their playthrough!

This game is not just about killing arch-demons and saving the world. Take in the atmosphere and live a realistic life in an unrealistic world. This is a game that tells stories about people with ‘unusual’ jobs such as hunting monsters and what happens in their everyday life doing so.

A release date for the Wii U is not yet known, but we’ll keep you up to date with more info!

Source: Kickstarter

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