Latest 3DS System Update Adds Stability, Takes Away Internet Browser Hacks

Last night, Nintendo pushed out the new 3DS firmware v9.5.0-23, citing added “system stability”. While that is nothing new, people quickly discovered the real reason the patch was out. Lately, people had been utilizing the Internet Browser on the standard 3DS/XL/2DS to achieve nefarious ends. Some of the hacks that have been shut out include:

  • running Game Boy Color ROMs on emulation
  • hacking in rare Pokémon to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire via QR Codes
  • loading games from other regions, effectively making the 3DS region-free
  • bypass micro-transactions in Pokémon Shuffle

The last point is particularly important, as Pokémon Shuffle is a F2P game with emphasis on paid elements. Surely, Nintendo would not let lost money from their micro-transactions get away from their coffers. Pokémon Shuffle may have been downloaded 1 million times worldwide so far, but nothing was said on how much money the game has made.

For now, Nintendo has shut down unauthorized code running on the built-in browser, but nothing is too hard to crack for home brewers. Let us know what you think of the loss of these hacks in the comments.

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