Last Chance on for the Mario Kart 8 Deal

If you’ve been thinking about doing it, or just simply forgot, today is the last day to register Mario Kart 8 on Club Nintendo for a free Wii U game. If you are thinking about buying a Wii U, this is a great way to get started. Not only is Mario Kart 8 fantastic, but you have a choice between 4 other superb games. The choices are The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U, New Super Mario Bros. U, and Pikmin 3.

King of Red Lions

If you haven’t played this classic yet, this is a great opportunity

I personally have been having fun with my friends playing Wii Party U. Some of the games are silly and the modes can be completely luck, but it can still be a great time with friends of all kinds. Even when the TV is being used, I’ve picked up the game and played the Gamepad tabletop games for fun. If you don’t want to waste this opportunity for a game you might just play at a party, then Pikmin 3 is also amazing and beautiful. If you don’t believe me, read my review on it and see if it tells you enough to help you decide if it’s worth it. For me, it was a great game to play alone and with a friend, which is easier to get over to play than 3. Besides that, New Super Mario Bros. U is also perfect to play with friends or alone. The challenge mode itself can give expert players something to come back to again and again.

Getting a free game with this? Yes!

Getting a free game with this? Yes!

Now if you are like some people at Always Nintendo, you might already have all of these games and have played them. However, you don’t need to let this great deal pass by. If just one of these games is a physical copy, then you get the downloadable version and can simply re-sell the physical copy, give it to a friend, etc. Especially once this deal is over, it should be a nice way to earn money or points towards buying another game on your wishlist. Until then, happy gaming. Head over to Club Nintendo to register your Mario Kart 8 copy!

If you have the Mario Kart 8 Wii U Deluxe Bundle and still haven’t registered it, you wont be able to register the actual game, but once you register the Wii U console, the deal will pop up in your to-do list.

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