Kerbal Space Program Announced for Wii U, Billed as “Definitive Edition”

As part of Nintendo’s Nindies@Night panel with PAX Prime, indie studio Squad is bringing their PC hit Kerbal Space Program to Wii U. Nintendo is promoting it as the “definitive version”, according to Damon Baker, as the Wii U GamePad is the key to differentiating the port.

We feel we have the definitive version on Wii U because of our interface…You’ll be able to utilize the touchscreen and the GamePad in a number of different ways from actually building the spacecraft and navigating the spacecraft and even getting different perspectives. You’ll be able to fly the spacecraft from the cockpit utilizing the GamePad as a different viewpoint.

Kerbal Space Program centers around players building spacecraft and use them to explore space. The game is currently out on Steam, so its arrival on Wii U will substitute the keyboard and mouse for the equally-convenient GamePad. No release date for the console ports has been announced at this time.

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