Kelp Dome Stage Coming to Splatoon Tonight at 7 PST / 10 EST

Kelp Dome Splatoon

It was recently announced that a new stage would be arriving in Splatoon tonight at 7 PST / 10 EST. Kelp Dome, which can also be found in Splatoon‘s single player mode, will be available for both Ranked Battles and Regular Turf Wars so keep an eye out for some action!

A new stage, Kelp Dome, will be added to Splatoon today at 7 PM PT! Viewed from above, this stage takes the shape of a nearly perfect square. You can either make your way to the center by circling around the perimeter of the dome, or you can take the high road on the grated catwalks to get straight into the action. The boundaries of the dome and the inner, maze-like structure of the facility are covered in ink-resistant glass.

With new reveals constantly happening, and a Splatfest with glow-in-the-dark ink battles coming soon, there’s so much more to be hyped about. Do you think Splatoon is on its way to living up to its price tag? Let us know in the comments below.

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