Japanese Amiibo and New 3DS Faceplate Sales Update

It’s a fact of life that amiibo has been a huge hit for Nintendo, and the New 3DS’ face plates make a much-desired accessory for the smaller New Nintendo 3DS. Truth can differ from fiction, however, as amiibo are least-popular in Japan, Nintendo’s home market, and North America has no option for the face plates. Nonetheless, Japan’s Media Create White Book 2015 has released the sales figures of the Top 10 amiibo and New 3DS face plates for 2014.

Here are the Top 10 selling amiibo. While the ranking was previously disclosed by Nintendo in February, exact sales figures were not released. Consequently, no amiibo in Japan broke 100,000 units, such is their limited popularity in the market.

01. amiibo Link – 39,399
02. amiibo Mario – 39,274
03. amiibo Kirby – 35,744
04. amiibo Pikachu – 19,375
05. amiibo Marth – 19,246
06. amiibo Murabito (Villager) – 16,199
07. amiibo Pit – 16,096
08. amiibo Yoshi – 15,180
09. amiibo Captain Falcon – 13,823
10. amiibo Samus – 13,541

Notice the presence of Marth, Villager, Pit, and Captain Falcon on the list. While impossible to find in North America, the relative unpopularity of amiibo, coupled with the smaller land mass of Japan, made these characters easier to find. Their numbers could have also been inflated by importers who looked to Japanese importers for the rare figures.

And here are the face plate sales:

01. Yokai Watch: Jibanyan (No. 054) – 18,274
02. Monster Hunter: Poogie (No. 038) – 6,857
03. Yoshi (No. 004) – 6,447
04. Pokémon ORAS (No. 040) – 5,645
05. Mario (No. 001) – 5,410
06. Monster Hunter: Yian Kut-ku (No. 037) – 5,088
07. Dot & Monochrome (No. 007) – 4,946
08. Emboss Treatment & Mario Monogram Grey (No. 005) – 4,938
09. Grain & Mario Monogram (No. 024) – 4,801
10. Animal Crossing: Isabelle (No. 013) – 4,198

Of note is that Yokai Watch-themed face plates outsold the Pokémon set by a considerable margin. Such is the explosive popularity of Level-5’s monster franchise in 2014.

This week marks Nintendo’s upcoming financials for Q4 2015 and the year overall. We should hear more about the company’s amiibo and New 3DS plans for the Fiscal Year 2016. Stay tuned for further sales information, and all the amiibo-driven profits thereof.

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