Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu (NES)

North American front cover of the NES version.

Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu is a game released by Hudson Soft. and is and overall mildly entertaining Action/Platformer.

Now this does have some fun platforming elements, but in the end the whole thing fails to come together. Even though this game came out after huge hits such as Megaman and the well-known Super Mario Bros., this game lacks that certain quality that made them such legends in the gaming industry. In short, this game is definitely not worth it and should be skipped if you ever have the opportunity are ever tricked into purchasing it.

Here is a list of the very few things that this game does well:

  • Bonus stages provide a slight sense of challenge
  • Game features fun platforming elements
  • Moves/Combos are fun to do

And here is a list of some things that make the game not as much of a fun experience:

  • Bad Soundtrack (always opinionary)
  • Narrow variety of moves (punch, kick, that’s it)
  • No real challenge in the main game
  • The guy who’s supposed to look like Jackie Chan looks nothing like him!
  • Why the heck is he beating up frogs to get soup that replenishes his health? (I know it’s a video game but still…)

All in all Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu isn’t fun, isn’t addictive and is full of nothing but bad gameplay and a terrible story. The game does some things right but the con’s overcome the pro’s and make the game an overall tedious experience. It’s isn’t rewarding and has absolutely no replay value whatsoever. After tallying up all the points, I’m deciding to give Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu a measly 37/100. Hopefully we’ll be able to review some better games in the future!

Maybe next time Jackie… Maybe next time…

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