Izle Gameplay Details Revealed + A New Trailer

Izle Wii U Screenshot 2

Today, French game developer Area Effect revealed some new details about their upcoming RPG Izle. Izle, a game coming to the Wii U alongside other consoles later in 2016 “is a new sandbox-adventure that fuses freedom of creation with unprecedented consequences”.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer below:

Here’s a description of the latest gameplay details from the developer:

Players will embark on a journey to rebuild the last world of light striving to complete quests and unlock terraforming powers that allow them to create procedurally generated islands. Adventure awaits as players must gather “Shards of Light” and choose between defending their world or crafting powerful artifacts to improve their character. Izle is more than choices: it’s the infinite freedom to create a player’s own unique world and the great responsibility of protecting it!

With terraforming powers, players will create floating island worlds filled with rolling hills and procedural dungeons, impenetrable castles, treacherous volcanoes, underground ice caves and so much more which can either be modified or destroyed. Entire kingdoms will be created or shattered based on a player’s success. The world of Izle will reflect a player’s actions in a unique way!

Area Effect will start a Kickstarter campaign sometime during the spring, but players can now visit www.izlegame.com to register their accounts and receive special rewards.

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