Iwata: Nintendo to Release More 3DS Games to Appeal to Women

Nintendo’s Financial Briefing has now gone live in English, and while not extensive, it has plenty to glean from for Nintendo’s direction for the coming year. One of the surprising (but not-so-surprising) statements was that they wish to increase 3DS sales among women, by offering more titles for that audience.

According to Satoru Iwata, sales have stagnated, at least in Japan, as the platform sits at 19 million units. However, he believes it has room to grow, and women are the key to their future.

On the other hand, regarding the Nintendo 3DS hardware, four years since its release, we are seeing a certain level of positive results by the release of New Nintendo 3DS, but we still have not been able to break free from the period beyond the popularization of the Nintendo 3DS in which the performance leveled off. I believe that the key to revitalizing the Nintendo 3DS business in Japan is by intensifying its appeal to even more generations of female consumers.
This year, we are planning to release titles that offer high potential to appeal to female consumers, and we would like to further strengthen our approach to reach a female audience covering wider generations.

Iwata specifically cited Girls Mode 3 (Style Savy), the new Rhythm Heaven for release in Japan in the summer, and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Maker for the fall as games that will “appeal to female consumers”.

Long-time Nintendo financial watchers have heard this before. Back in 2011, when the 3DS was needing a kick-start into the holidays, Nintendo initiated a series of moves to entice females to the 3DS platform. The Misty Pink 3DS was a start, but software like Style Savy Trendsetters (US name), Nintendogs + Cats, and the promise of Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Collection would help too. This move was partly influenced by the high ratio of women who had played the DS, but hadn’t upgraded to 3DS.

If you’re thinking that Nintendo’s repeated play for the women’s market is a coincidence, refer to this write-up by Emily Rogers. Nintendo has always targeted women, as they have proven to be their most reliable audience.

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