Introducing VOEZ, A Switch Game That Is Portable-Only (UPDATED)


The upcoming VOEZ from Flyhigh Works, will be the first Switch game that can only be played in Portable Mode with playing on the TV not possible. Up till now, the Switch’s touch screen has been used in limited fashion. VOEZ will be the first game to exclusively use the touch screen for its controls.

VOEZ is a port of an iOS and Android music game, formerly known as Project V. While the Switch release will be digital only, the Japanese-only title has an English-language option. The Switch is also region-free, so if your Nintendo Account originates in Japan, you’ll have access to games like VOEZ.

(Update: Turns out Circle Entertainment is bringing VOEZ to North America and Europe for localization. While VOEZ is a launch game in Japan, there is no release date for the west yet.)

Nintendo has no requirement that all Switch games be playable on both the TV and on-the-go, so you could expect to see more mobile ports and portable-only experiences like this in the future.

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