Indivisible Could Come to the Nintendo NX, But Not Wii U

Indivisible Nintendo NX

Today, Lab Zero Games (creators of Skullgirls) announced that their IndieGoGo campaign for upcoming game Indivisible had been funded with a whopping $1,589,626 and counting raised by 25,858 people in one month at the time of this writing.

Unfortunately, the Wii U is not one of the platforms Indivisible is headed to as it’s just not technically possible at the moment, but the development team behind the game stated that the NX will be a possibility depending on how much information we receive about it in 2016.

Nintendo is reportedly shipping out NX dev kits to developers worldwide and with Indivisible still being in its relatively early phases, we could even see it launch on the NX alongside other platforms by the time it’s available to the public.

Indivisible Nintendo NX Gameplay

It’s not too late to back the project and help Indivisible reach its stretch goals! You can find a working prototype of the game at

Source: Twitter

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