Indie Platformer “Chubbins” Submitted to Nintendo

Chubbins Wii U eShop

Indie Game Developers, Dahku Creations have been hard at work on their indie platformer Chubbins for the past few months, and the game has now been submitted to Nintendo. Dakhu Creations came to Nintendo asking if we could help spread the word, and with this fun-looking trailer, we couldn’t resist. Take a look at the Chubbins trailer below:

The goal in Chubbins is simple: guide our plump bunny hero safely through 40 memorable levels across 5 increasingly challenging worlds! The controls are super simple–just move left and right. Stay on your toes though! Chubbins never stops bouncing, keeping every situation dynamic and making for interesting gameplay scenarios.

After conquering each world’s unique boss battle, go back to perfect your route and reflexes and set new records in both Soft and Hard Modes, and master each level individually in Time Attack!

Dahku Creations says that they are “ hoping for a June release with a price point of $5.99″ (a price that you can never go wrong with). This looks like a treat for gamers who’ve been needing some more challenge in their platformers.

Will you be picking up Chubbins when it comes out in June? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thanks for the heads up, Dakhu!

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