Inafune Kickstarter RED ASH Gets Console Port Stretch Goal

It’s not lighting the world on fire like its cousin Mighty No. 9 did, but RED ASH – The Indelible Legend is still inching towards its $800,000 funding goal. Five days into the campaign, the project has secured a little over $325,000 with many fans attributing the slow start to the lack of console support. Today, however, Comcept announced they’d be fixing that with a new stretch goal.

Should RED ASH hit $1 million in funding, a console port will be produced for a yet to be determined console platform. In the coming weeks, Comcept’s going to cast a preliminary vote to gauge which console is most desired by its backers with a final vote to conducted after the Kickstarter concludes provided the stretch goal is met.

The early front-runner seems to be the PS4, but there’s more than a few fans clamoring for a Wii U or 3DS port. If you’re interested in seeing this spiritual successor to the beloved Mega Man Legends series make its way to a Nintendo console, now’s as good a time as ever to show your support.

And remember: legends never die!

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