An Important Letter From The Always Nintendo Editor-In-Chief

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Always Nintendo has been a daily regiment of my writing career since November 2014. Now after two years as Editor-in-Chief, I am leaving the site, having accepted a new writing opportunity elsewhere. It’s been the longest to date I’ve been a part of a video game news site, and it’s had some high highs and some low lows.

My goals as Editor-in-Chief for always Nintendo are the same as they were when I inherited the leadership role. I wanted to increase the amount of quality content being made for the site and attract a larger readership. As this proved a hands on learning experience, this wasn’t easy.

As running the site solo while trying to produce, it’s gotten draining to ping pong between articles to write without the backup support necessary to run a big site. Everyone who ever wrote for the site works remotely, across state and national borders, so communication bouncing between time zones and life schedules isn’t always feasible. Which is why I ended up becoming the site’s sole provider of content.


I want to thank all the staff writers who helped contribute to the site while I ran the site, for taking their time to write the hard news for all things Nintendo. I also extent thanks to Always Nintendo creator Jelani Thompson for trusting in me enough to hand over the site’s leadership role.

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For all the hands-on struggles I fell into over these two years, Always Nintendo has afforded me to grow tremendously as a writer and learn how to be a leader in the future. I hope you’ll see me wherever my written word takes me next. Thank you, for I’ll be in another castle.

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