Why I’m So Pumped for Megaman Battle Network 3 on Virtual Console

A few months ago, reports surfaced that Capcom was going to release Mega Man Battle Network 3 on the Wii U virtual Console. When I heard this, I got super excited. My first experience with Mega Man was Mega Man II for the gameboy followed by Mega Man Xtreme, but my hardcore devotion didn’t start until a friend told me to pick up Battle Network 3.

I initially learned about the Battle Network series through the anime before it was released in the U.S. I did not have a perfect understanding of the series and thought the Battle Network gameplay looked boring. However, my friend lent me his copy of Battle Network 3 Blue in hopes of convincing me to purchase White. He succeeded and I picked it up for $13 at Costco. I didn’t even have a Gameboy Advance!

I got really hooked into the story and music. The menu screen for that game was fantastic and I felt the energy flow in me when it played at the key moments of the game. I also recall how I found the end of the game so touching. This game about a boy and his twin brother confined to the cyber world “Astro-boy” style was perfect to me.

It wasn’t just the story and music that got me hooked. The gameplay I thought would be boring was addictive. I have my problems with RPGs and they do get repetitive but the concept of battle chips really spiced things up. For those who prefer action over turn based RPGs, this was the blend that was almost perfect. In addition, the mission board and the collection of viruses were some of my favorite parts that I was very disappointed not to find them in the next game. Style Change was a great element and my preference over 4 and 5’s Double Soul (Cross is a different story). In addition, the Navi Customizer was like a neat puzzle to play with your style despite its limitations.

For those who do not know, Style Change was a feature introduced in Battle Network 2. Depending on your play style and environment of battling, you would be granted a Style to match it. For example, if you used Program Advances I believe, you would get Custom Style to make it easier for you to use them along with an element boost. The Navi Customizer, which was introduced in this title, allows players to put programs together to tweak the stats of your Navi. This included starting each battle with a barrier or increasing the attack power of your blaster. To this day, this entry remains my favorite despite being the only one I haven’t played through a second time.

This core part of the series was introduced in Battle Network 3

This core part of the series was introduced in Battle Network 3

The reason why I haven’t replayed Battle Network 3 is the same reason I’m so pumped for it to come out on Virtual Console. This game only has one save file. This means, everything you unlocked is easy to lose and hard to regain. That is because this is the first game in the series that required you to trade and battle with someone who had the other version to progress. You can not complete the bonus content of the game without interacting with the other version. You can’t even collect all of the battle chips. Since it took me so long to finally obtain that, I don’t want to lose that accomplishment. This is also why it is imperative that Capcom does this right. If there is no online connection between the different versions, then the game is broken. While I might still play it for the fun of it, it would be an insult to the community. Battling with a friend is what made the game so great. If you expand that to the online community then it’d almost be perfect. The bosses do get easy after you know their strengths and weaknesses, but playing with friends encouraged changing Styles and customization and strategy. I can’t wait to play like this. I hope to be net battling all of you guys soon.


Battle Routine Set! Execute!

Battle Routine Set! Execute!

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