Hyrule Warriors – Retailer Specific Pre-order DLC

A few days ago during the Hyrule Warriors Direct it was confirmed that different retailers will have different costume sets as pre-order bonuses. The 3 costume sets announced were The Ocarina Of Time Costume Set, The Twilight Princess Costume Set and The Skyward Sword Costume Set. All 3 retailers have announced what Costume Set they will be giving out.

Best Buy

Best Buy will have The Skyward Sword Costume Set, this costume set includes costume skins for Link and Zelda from the most recent home console Zelda game The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Link’s costume from Skyward supports a bright green tunic, with chain armor underneath it.

Zelda’s design differs the most from any other game in the Zelda series since in Skyward Sword Zelda is more of a normal girl. Zelda’s designer from Skyward Sword supports a pink dress, with a blue cloth supporting the Goddess Crest attached to her belt. Zelda also has blonde hair in this design

You can pre-order Hyrule Warriors from Best Buy here.


Amazon will have The Twilight Princess Costume Set. This costume set includes Link and Zelda costumes from the game The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, These designs are the designs used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the upcoming Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS. Link’s design from Twilight Princess supports a darker green tunic with a straw like material used as armor. This design is a lot more gritty than the other designs, that is because Twilight Princess has quite a dark art style.

Zelda’s design from Twilight Princes includes a purple and white dress, with golden jewelry in various places. Zelda also has armor on her shoulders and a piece of cloth with a triforce on it near the bottom of her dress. This design of Zelda is supporting dark brown hair.

You can pre-order Hyrule Warriors from Amazon here. 


 Probably the most sought-after of the three costume packs the Ocarina Of Time costume pack will include Adult Link and Adult Zelda skins from the most popular Zelda game The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Link from Ocarina Of Time has a regular green colour tunic with a white undershirt below. A leather belt and sword strap both with golden buckles. 

Zelda from Ocarina Of Time has brownish blonde hair, and a very similar costume to Twilight Princes, but instead of a purple and white dress she has two diffrent purples on her dress. Other than that Ocarina Of Time adult Zelda has two triforce earrings.

You can pre-order Hyrule Warriors from Gamestop here.

Still unsure on what skin pack you would like to get? Check out this awesome gameplay trailer that features all 3 skin packs available for Hyrule Warriors.

[Source: Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Everything]

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