Hyrule Warriors Legends’ Stereo 3D Only Available On New 3DS

The upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends will only have stereoscopic 3D on New Nintendo 3DS systems. According to the game’s producer Hayashi Yosuke, the game turns off the effect on older 3DS models in order to smoothly run the gameplay, specifically to accommodate a number of enemies and high-volume action on-screen.

As further support of the New 3DS hardware, Yosuke confirmed that the port will have amiibo support, much like the Wii U original did, although exact functionality was not disclosed.

Hyrule Warriors Legends is an enhanced port of last year’s Hyrule Warriors from Wii U. The mouso game is being published by Koei Tecmo in Japan in January 2016. Aside from most of the content being carried over from the original, this release also includes new characters from The Wind Waker, including Tetra and Toon Link.

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