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So close!

Hyrule Warriors edges closer and closer to release, and now Nintendo is approaching what may be their most vital window for advertising towards the mainstream public.  As such their new ad strikes a familiar tone that would very much be in line with the classic rhetoric of Zelda fantasy.  Nintendo of America isn’t necessarily doing anything special with this advert, but maybe that’s the point; what makes this Zelda so special is that for once, it’s not doing anything special.  Seriously.  Most of the series is compromised of games that have a defining game mechanic breaking away from what would be considered classic Zelda mythos a la “Dungeons and Dragons.”  One game it’s masks, another it’s a wolf, another it’s a sailor, and another it’s a train conductor.  The ad below is anything but special, and Nintendo of America seems to be fully aware of that, what it means, and what kind of audience it will attract.  Take a look a judge for yourself.  Just right…or too plain?

The game is just days away from releasing in Europe and only weeks from releasing in North America, while Japan has been given the luxury of being the first exposed.  Although there has been enormous anticipation and “ad-campaigning” already for this game, most of that has been strictly within the Nintendo community.  Let’s hope this trailer reaches a more distant audience!

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