Here’s The Latest Earthlock: Festival Of Magic Kickstarter Update

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Wii U

Snowcastle games has been doing a wonderful job with their most recent Kickstarter project, Earthlock: Festival of Magic. In fact, they’ve been doing such a great job promoting their project that they’ve even added a new tier AND some more goods. Why not check them out below?:

Festival of Magic Party

New Reward: The Fallen Hero

As a bonus we are introducing a new special reward to everyone who chooses the Art Book tier or higher. 

This is a way for you to permanently leave your mark upon the world of Umbra in the Earthlock series. You will get your name imprinted on one of the in-game Fallen Heroes. These are special ghost monsters, undead heroes of the past from a time before the Great Halt of the planet. You can encounter these heroes of ancient times on the Overworld, they are collectible and you will be rewarded in game for laying them all to their final rest.

So if you want to have your name contributed to the game, choose the Art Book tier or higher.

New Addons


The sample T-Shirts have arrived!

Bendik, Saira and Fredrik happier than ever with their brand new Earthlock T-Shirts.
Bendik, Saira and Fredrik happier than ever with their brand new Earthlock T-Shirts.

The T-Shirts are available as add-ons for all backers! Have a look at the add-ons section on the main page for info on how to add one to your pledge!

Postcards and Stickers
We now also have a Postcards & Stickers add-on for $10. The add-on includes 2x Postcards and 2x Stickers.

Content Bundle

We got a lot of requests for it and we are more than happy to fulfill. We have added the Content Bundle for $15 which contains all three in-game content add-ons: 1x Unique Weapon, 1x Reckless Skin & 1x Character skins.

New Reward Tiers

Limited Tiers

All the Early Supporter Tiers are gone! The support we have gotten for this campaign has been amazing. Thank you all!

We are introducing a couple of more limited reward tiers: The Limited Soundtrack Tier for $25 and the Limited Art Book Tier for $35, both are the same as the non-limited tier except with a discount on them.

If you have already selected one of these tiers you can absolutely switch to the discounted one if you want to. These tiers have been considered and now added based on backer feedback. You are important to us! Keep the feedback coming!


We will be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week! Bendik and Frits will be showing Earthlock on the Unity stand in the Main Expo Hall from Wednesday to Friday. If you’re going, swing by and check out the game and meet our Game Director and Art Director! They would be more than happy to meet any of you!

Project Spotlight


Koe is a Turn-Based JRPG that teaches you Japanese! So if you are like me and have always wanted to learn Japanese to play JRPGs in their original language then this game is made for you!

Wow! That was a whole lot to take in. If you like what Snowcastle games has to offer, you should definitely support Festival of Magic on Kickstarter. If you’ve done that already, check out our interview with Snowcastle Games for even MORE information on Earthlock: Festival of Magic!

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