Here’s An Early Look At Switch Operating System

With the Nintendo Switch only five weeks away, one point of interest for fans of the console is how its operating system will work. While Nintendo has been mum outside of a single image, developer Nicalis inadvertently slipped an additional look at the Switch’s OS, also while teasing their upcoming Switch games.

The original Tweet, sent out January 19th, has since been deleted. Since then, we’ve had back-ups that show the image in question (courtesy of Wario64).

By appearances, the Switch will allow you to change users while running a game (as shown here with 1001 Spikes). The Switch OS also seems to allow users to change the color of the background from a stock white to black (and presumably more), and user icons will be spread to more than just Miis. Miis have been used as user icons by default on the Wii U, so now profile icons akin to PlayStation and Xbox platforms are possible.

Nicalis’s Switch support includes the launch day port of The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth, 1001 Spikes, Cave Story, and the confirmation of Hydra Castle Labyrinth, as seen cropped off on the far right of the image. Nintendo will be announcing more details of the Switch as it gets closer to launch on March 3rd.

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