Here is May’s DLC Pack for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS has been cranking out tons of solid free content every first of the month. Hunters enjoy new challenge quests, exclusive guild cards, poses, and titles, Poogie outfits, bonus Palicoes, and quests to earn some very special equipment. This month is no exception.

May offers hunters access to equipment themed to Metroid, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Taiko Drum Master, Universal Studios Japan (abbreviated to “USJ” in descriptions), and even older Monster Hunter titles. From Metroid, comes the Varia Suit, Zero Suit, and Arm Cannon. A fittingly melodic hunting horn bearing the likenesses of Taiko Drum Master‘s mascots are now available. Street Fighter‘s Blanka and Chun-Li manifest themselves as Palico armor sets as do Monster Hunter 3‘s Cha-Cha and Kayamba. USJ offers the Star Rook armor set and the Starlight Axe Charge Blade as well as the F Star for Palicoes.

This month also brings two item packs in the DLC “Gift Area.” Like all the other content, these downloads are free. The two item packs available this time are the MH4U Support Pack and the MH4U Advanced Pack. Each pack is loaded with stuff to aid Hunters in their travels. You can see the list of contents on the official Capcom post.

Head on over to Capcom-Unity to check out an awesome trailer that covers May’s DLC pack in more detail.

[via Capcom-Unity ]

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