Heart Forth, Alicia Reaches Kickstarter Goal with only 34 Hours Left

The beautifully designed Heart Forth, Alicia by Alfonso Martin has only recently just passed it’s 200,000 dollar Wii U stretch goal! The game is said to feature classic RPG elements and gameplay inspired by Metroid and Castlevania. Keep an eye out for this one folks, it looks like fans of either RPGs, Metroid, or Castlevania will get their satisfaction.

Here’s the story taken from their kickstarter page:

There’s an island in the sky named Auster, and on it, there’s a small wizard village with the name of Brenia. Centuries ago, a great star struck the Earth: the mountains crumbled, and land and sea poured into a great Void that now lies hidden beneath the clouds. This island and its sister, Quilth, are the last surviving remnants of the Old World.


Half a century ago, the wizards took the power of the Island for themselves. And so, Elthëlian, the Spirit of Light, cursed them never to have children again.


Today begins the Trial of the last two wizards of the bloodline: Alicia and Höstra.

With only 34 hours to go, it looks unlikely that the it will reach its 245,000 3DS stretch goal, but who knows. Anything can happen in a kickstarter! We will be keeping an eye on the game for any further developments. Check out the kickstarter video below!


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